Friday, June 10, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: Ultrasound Results

My ultrasound appointment was at nine o'clock this morning.  Andrew's been slammed at work this week and was not able to make it to the ultrasound with me.  It was the first ultrasound he's missed and we were both bummed.  My mom and my little sister were down visiting this week (we made our move and they've been helping me get things in order), so they were able to go, which was special.  It was the first time that either of them had been to an ultrasound with me.

Once the ultrasound started, Arin and Ella started their friendly, sibling, competitive bickering.  Arin would say "Boy!" and Ella would immediately follow with "No, Girl!"  And it would go back and forth like this for a couple of minutes. This pregnancy has been pretty easy, so all along, people have been thinking it is a boy.  Arin has become accustomed to hearing that and was getting excited for a brother.  Ella never thought boy.  She always said it was a "Pink Baby".

The tech did all the measurements, then tapped several times on my stomach, on the left-hand side.  I didn't ask what she was doing, but I am assuming, she was tapping on the placenta and maybe seeing the position of the cord??  Just my guess.  Once the measurements were done, she announced "GIRL!"
We'll be adding a third princess to our family this October.  The baby is measuring right on time.  According to the ultrasound, the due date is October 17 (October 18 by the birthing center's calculations and October 19 by's calculations).  The tech said the baby is "perfect".  No sweeter words could have been spoken today!

When Arin heard girl, she cried and cried.  She said she didn't want another sister and that she wanted a brother.  She was sure it was a boy and she's not real good at losing.  She has accepted girl now and I know once the baby is here, she'll be super in love :)  Ella, of course is excited to be getting a little sister!

I was not given any regular pictures from the ultrasound.  I tried to upload the video, but blogger will not accept it.  These two pictures were taken from my phone during the ultrasound, so not the best quality.

On a side note, I was required to have an early glucose test because I have big babies.  They received the results this week.  My sugar is actually on the low side (which is the tendency even when I am not pregnant).  Not sure what that means as far as the pregnancy is concerned, but I know it has to be better than high sugar during pregnancy.  I will discuss it with my midwife at my next appointment.  I will have a second ultrasound to check the baby's size at 34 weeks.


welcome to our wonderland said...

huge congrats you guys just makes adorable girls!

MommyWise said...


lusi said...

Yay!!! How exciting! A third princess for your precious family! I'm so thrilled for you :-)
We had tears too from our big girl who had wanted another girl for us after the technician announced it was a boy. Was a good chance for us to have a bit of a heart to heart talk about how Yah is the one who orders our family. She appreciated our little date afternoon tea out while we talked about it.
You are totally right too; as soon as Arin sees her I bet she won't want it any other way!
Congrats again Cara!!
Much love,
Lusi x