Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gifts from Uncle Brian, Aunt Angela & Family

Uncle Brian, Aunt Angela and family gave Arin a gift of money. We used the money to buy two gifts.

When we were at the kids' consignment shop, I found a wagon full of MegaBlocks. Arin already had some MegaBlocks, but I had been wanting to get her some more, because they are something that she plays with often. Also, when we go to one little girl's house for playgroup, she has a wagon of blocks that Arin loves to pull around, so I knew this would be a great gift for her.
She loved playing with the blocks. She also used the wagon to pull her baby doll in. Gotta love the toys that can be used for more than one purpose!
Yesterday, we were in Target. We were looking at toys, so Arin could spend the rest of her gift money. I found a game that I had been wanting to make for Arin. This particular game is BINGO, and when Arin gets older, we will play it that way, but for now we used it as a listening/matching game. Arin would push the button and hear the sound that an object would make (bark for a dog, ribbit for a frog, etc.). Then she would look on her gameboard and see if she had the correct object. If she did, then she would cover it up with a circle. This game was a huge hit.
Thank you Uncle Brian, Aunt Ang & kids!

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

so cute! we love our megablox wagon!

i have a bingo type game that is a cd and you listen ot the farm animals she loves it!