Friday, November 12, 2010

Afternoon Nap

It's a rare occassion that Arin has taken a nap since she turned four.  She sleeps in late in the morning (after 10:00 this morning) and getting her to sleep after a nap has been a long, drawn out process.  She's not one to get out of bed once she's in it, but she will just lay there awake for hours and hours, so most days no nap is required of her so that she will sleep at nighttime. 

However, today, she volunteered taking a nap.  Yes, even though she slept until sometime after 10am, she went upstairs about 2pm, brought down her blanket and a pillow, laid on the living room floor and told me she was just going to rest her eyes for a couple of minutes.  Those couple of minutes have turned into more than an hour and a half nap so far (as I write this, she's still sleeping).

So cute, but I hope this does not mean that she is getting sick like Ella has been.  Ella ran a fever for two days this week.

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