Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Words: Family Picnic

The Scenery

Little Snacker

Happy Girl

Mom's Boys

Tiny Shells

Petting Ponies

Andrew's Mama

Smelling Flowers

"Lellow Flower"

Happy Family

With Grandma

Peek-A-Boo Baby

The Lake

Lake Gazers

My Girls


Feeding Fish

Hungry Minnows

Watching Fishies

Holding Hands

Arin's Treasure

Empty Shells

Juggling Shells

Balance Beams

Gate Jumper

Back Rider

Loving Grandma

Adventure Seekers

Mountain Climbing

Helping Conquer

Did It!

Four Succeeders

Up High

Rock Slider

Trying Again

Picture Posing

Lost Bet

Armadillo Watching

Bye, Bye!
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1 comment:

lusi said...

oh I LOVED LOVED LOVED these photos!!! Your family reminds me of mine - happy times just being together. Not that life is always perfect, (far from it!!!) but that Yah is always there in the midst of it all.
Love to you Cara!
Lusi x