Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Outdoors

We have been spending most of our extra time outside this week.
Today, while playing outside, Arin said to Ella, "Isn't nature wonderful?"


Examining Leaves ~ Perhaps a Future Horticulturist?  :)

"Wow, look at this bark!"

Discovering New Life ~ Signs of Spring

Hmmm, I wonder how far I can throw this rock?

Ella loved jumping in this leaf pile.

Climbing Trees

Walking Sticks

More Fun with the Leaves

"You Shall Not Pass!" ~ Pretend Play

Fun with Acorns

Sitting Pretty

Comforting a Grumpy Sister

Giddy Up! (pretend horse)

Nature's Balance Beam

Dissecting a Flower

Whatcha doing, Arin?

Oh, Wow!

Blowing Dandelions

"Mom, why is there a hole in this tree?"

I'll Race You Downhill!
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Phyllis said...

Looks warm where you are. We still have snow.

Sigalit Chana said...

Oh, so much fun! The weather has been just beautiful. Praise Yah!

Love to you! Happy Prep Day, and Shabbat Peace!

Sherri said...

these are such fun pictures of your girls having so much fun! =)
Truly priceless!!!

Ruth Chowdhury said...

So jealous. We have over a foot of snow here, and last time I looked it was still coming down. I can hardly wait until we can take walks again!! Those are great pictures. Looks like you're having fun!

lusi said...

More gorgeous snaps of your beautiful treasures discovering life! I love it!
Lus x

Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

awesome pictures!!! love the ones of them together on the tree!!!