Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do I Look Like a Boy?

Arin says some of the funniest things.

Let me back-up.  Arin wears dresses/skirts everyday because that's what she likes best.  Today, we were going to the playground, so I told her to put on shorts instead.  She thought that was the most terrible idea, but agreed jeans would be ok, even though I told her she'd be hot in them.  So she got dressed in her shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.  Then, she came out and said to me, "If I was a boy, I'd look like this everyday!  If I didn't have on this girl shirt, wouldn't I look like a boy?" She was very serious.  I had to laugh (to myself of course).

Andrew and I tried to reassure her and tell her that she looked like our pretty little girl.  We went to the park and we had a lot of fun playing together. 

We went out to eat for lunch.  Both of the girls had to go potty, so I took them.  Arin was in one stall and Ella and I were in another.   A little girl walked in with her mom and apparently she looked in the crack of the stalls (her mom quickly told her to stop that).  But then the little girl said, "Mom, why is there a boy in here?" 

Hahaha, I guess that proved Arin's theory.  She quickly changed into a dress when we got home :)


Traci said...

Haha, too funny! Love the story and the too cute pics:) That's just how it goes sometimes isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha That is so funny She didn't look anything like a boy:-) Guess that little girl likes dresses too.. love the story..

lusi said...

So sweet Cara! Both your girls are such lovely little treasures :-)
Love Lusi x