Monday, August 8, 2011

Ella's First People Drawing

As part of the girls' school (if you missed it, click here to see our new homeschool blog), I have been having them send cards to their grandparents (the set that doesn't live near us) once a week.  Arin writes "Dear Grandma and Papa" and "Love, Arin" and then she dictates what she wants the letter to say and I write it for her.  Ella dictates her whole letter, then scribbles a little on the inside of the card.  Both girls draw a picture on the outside of their cards. 

Today, Ella asked me to help her make a flower on her card.  She had already drawn the stem and I held her hand to draw the flower's petals.  Then, I got busy organizing our next project and wasn't paying too much attention to her.  When she was done drawing on the front of her card, she said, "I drew Grandma and Papa!".  I was amazed!  This was the first people (or really anything recognizable) that Ella has drawn. 
I really hated to send her first people drawing away, but I know that it'll make Grandma and Papa happy!


Christy Killoran said...

So sweet! I love the drawing. The name Ella was at the top of our list for this baby, but we went with a different name -- well, I still have a few weeks to go, so who knows!

lusi said...

So cute!