Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Shower #1

35 Weeks :)
If we are friends on Facebook, you may have already seen these pictures (I posted the whole slideshow on there).  If not, here are a few pictures :)
Lynn & Me

Yesterday, my friend Lynn, threw a baby shower for me.  Lynn did an awesome job and we all had a great time!  She really paid attention to the details.  When we pulled up, there were pink and blue balloons outside.  These colors were not picked by accident.  Arin's favorite color is blue and Ella's favorite color is pink.  As soon as we got out of the car, Arin noticed the balloons and told Ella they were their favorite colors :)

Lynn used the owl theme for the shower.

Table and Thank You Gift (hand sanitizers)
Yummy Food
Drinks and Sweet Treats
I LOVE cupcakes!
Lynn added her touch of creativity to these yummy cupcakes.

We played three games.  The classic "how big is my belly" game was a lot of fun and provided so many laughs.  

 There were four people that came very close to winning this game, but ultimately, this is me with the first and second place winners.  Fun Fact:  I won this game at my sister's shower and she she won 1st place at my shower :)

Game #2 - Basket Memory Game.  Lynn filled a basket with baby items.  She carried the basket around the room and then left with the basket.  Once the basket was out of the room, we were to write down as many of the sixteen items that we could remember.  Bonus:  I got to keep all the items in the basket :)

Game #3 - Baby Trivia.  These were fun baby related questions.  They were also really hard questions that most of us just guessed at. 

We received so many sweet and thoughtful gifts.  These are shirts, tu-tu's and matching barrettes that Lynn had someone make for the girls.
"Bigger Sister Arin", "Big Sister Ella" and "Baby Sister Kaelyn"  Notice the colors?  Arin, the oldest, has her favorite color listed first, then Ella, the middle has her favorite color listed second, and until Kaelyn, the third child,  is old enough to pick her favorite color, we'll use purple for her, which was listed last :)

My friend Karen, handmade bibs and matching burp clothes for the baby :)

The Guests:  Other than my mom, two sisters and a few of my nephews, this was my "friends" shower.  Next weekend is my "family" shower, hosted by a couple of our family members.

Baby Bellies!  Jennifer is due just a few weeks before me :)

Loving the Baby

My mom, two sisters, nephew and myself

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lynn and everyone else that made my day so special!!!  Friends, Fun, and Food - the perfect combination :)


lusi said...

Cara I LOVED seeing these photos! You are so gorgeous!!! You are GLOWING! loved all the effort your friend went to for your shower- looks like a really special and joyous time! Thinking of you!
Love Lus x

Unknown said...

aww love your blog. So happy the shower turned out good and we had such a good turnout! Sorry that Baby Trivia game was so hard.. (it really was)but I think we all learned some interesting facts ha.
Love you and Cant wait to meet the newest Peterson baby Girl! xoxo

The Pendrak's said...

Kaelyn--great name!!
What a special time of being showered (and so sweet that the bigger and big sisters were included!!)

michelle said...

Beautiful shower for a beautiful lady! =)

Andi said...

Oh It's nice to have so many pictures of you...what a blessing!

Sigalit Chana said...

Lovely, lovely =) How exiting!

Traci said...

I totally smiled to hear you had gotten pics of your face on the blog and came right over!! Never say you are not photogenic again, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! You and the girls are just as adorable as you could be, truly:) The shower looks lovely also, what fun games and thoughtful gifts!!!
You are such a sweet blessing.

Carmen Vidal said...

You look great! can't wait for you to have your baby.

many blessings

Unknown said...

You do look great!

How crazy is it that once the baby arrives, you miss being pregnant? I sure do!

Wenni Donna said...

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