Friday, September 30, 2011


About once or twice a year, we buy our girls kosher marshmallows.  They LOVE them, but we don't get them very often because they are super expensive, not exactly healthy, and giving them to the girls rarely keeps them special :)  This year we took pictures of the girls getting their surprise.

Do you think they were excited?  :)

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Sigalit Chana said...

My kids are always so exited to get their KOSHER mellows as well =) It is a special treat from them a couple of times a year... smores and bonfires =)

Also, I tried to find the email you sent me about the fieldtrip next year. I know I saw it on my phone, but did not have time to reply, then, well, life happened, and I just remembered about it. We would LOVE to join you, we just need to work out the details. Could you use this email address?

Toda Raba!

May Abba fill your home and hearts with Shalom as we enter the season of our JOY!!! Hallelu Yah!

{sorry for the mini-book, i could not find your email, lol}