Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ella's 3rd Birthday

Ella turned three on Thursday and we celebrated on Saturday night with a family dinner party.  She was so excited to have a party.  We always do special things with our kids on their birthdays, but this was her first party.  She chose to do a pink princess theme, no surprise there.  She also chose a mermaid cake.

For dinner, we had pizza, salad, fruit, and crackers with dip.  We also served pink lemonade in recycled Starbuck's bottles.

On the dessert table, I set up the cake and lots of pink candy.  The candy was later divided up and sent home as favors with the kids.

The guests:

The Gifts:

We didn't plan any activities for the kids, but since it was a night party, we did give them all glo sticks and glo stick masks/hats.

Thank you everyone that helped make Ella's birthday so special :)

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Unknown said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Ella!