Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Day at the Park

This morning, my parents and little sister came over for brunch. After brunch, we brought them to a park near our house. One that they didn't know existed.

It was cold out, so I put Ella in the wrap to keep her close to me. The park has a trail, but it's not really stroller friendly. So this wrap worked out wonderfully. I didn't actually have to hold Ella, so it was easy walking. Ella loved the wrap too and she was asleep in no time.

Here's something you don't see everyday! On the way home from the park, we saw a postman delivering mail on this new T3. He said that it is not yet approved, but we are one of the test cities for this. He also said that it doesn't save any time. We didn't get a picture of it, but there is a trailer that holds all of the mail. The postman parks the trailer and leaves it so he can deliver mail. Then he goes back and hooks back up the trailer, moves to a different spot, refills his basket and delivers more mail.

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