Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snug as a Bug...

About six months ago we put Arin to bed in her toddler bed. She slept there one night, but hated it. She loves her crib so, so much. Last night, I asked her where she was going to sleep. She said, "In my big girl bed!" So we ran with it. We put her to bed in her new room, in her big girl bed (toddler bed). She had a meltdown when it was time to go to sleep, but she made it through the night. This morning I asked her how she liked her new bed. She said, "It's perfect!" She didn't think it was so perfect for naptime though. She did stay in her bed (except for one time), but she sang and talked to herself for two hours instead of napping. Tonight when we put her to bed, she cried only for a minute or two. I guess she knew it wasn't going to do much good. Hopefully it'll get easier and easier and she'll grow to love that bed as much as she loves her crib.
(don't let the smile fool you, it didn't last long)
I have been putting Ella to nap in the crib all week (even when it was still Arin's crib). She's done really well with it. I am not quite ready to have her there at night yet, but it is nice for naptime. Tonight, I raised the mattress and put the bumper and the mobile back on. When Arin saw the mobile, she thought that was the coolest thing and she really wanted the crib. I had a mobile that I was given for Arin, but never used. It was packed away in the attic. I dug it out tonight and put it on Arin's toddler bed. I know she is too big for a mobile, but it did make her feel special. Now she has something fun on her bed just like Ella has on her bed!

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