Sunday, April 12, 2009

162 Things to do Before Kindergarten

I was looking over our list today and realized that we can check off a few more things. These are things that I can't take pictures of, but thought I'd name them anyways.

- Do nothing what-so-ever all day. Well over the past month, we have all been sick in this house, which is why there has been a lack of blogging. So there have been several days this month that Arin has done nothing what-so-ever. Maybe not the most fun days, but we'll still check it off the list.

- Learn the name of our president. She learned this over the past month also. There was a lot of verbal learning and not so much hands on learning while we were sick. She also learned who made the first American flag and what the oldest city in our state is, how to spell the word lobby and how to spell her name.

- Find home state on a map. She is very good at this and points it out whenever she sees it, whether it in on a map of the U.S. or if it is just a drawing of the state itself.

- Be able to say a few words in a foreign language. Arin no longer names colors by their English names. Instead she is always using their Spanish names. She also asks me different things like, "What's an apple in Spanish?" I guess I better brush up on some Spanish :)
She also uses her sign language often - does this count as a foreign language?

- Learn birthdate. My birthday was last month. My brother called me in the morning to wish me a Happy Birthday. When I got off the phone, Arin wanted to know who I was talking to, so I told her and then I told her it was my birthday. She said, "Oh July 26th?" That's her birthday. It surprised me that she said that because it was about two weeks prior that we had told her what her birthday was and didn't say another word about it. She remembered and now is obsessed with when people's birthdays are and she is always singing the Happy Birthday song and wishing people Happy Birthday whether it is their birthday or not!

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