Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Three of Torture, I mean Swim Lessons

Arin was very excited to go to swim lessons today, but once again hated it once it started. Today, there were only two kids in her class, including her. They threw colored rings into the pool and with the help of the instructor, they had to kick and paddle over to where the rings were. Then, the instructor picked them up with her foot, because Arin was too upset with the idea of going under water. They also practiced swimming to the wall (while the instructor held her the whole time) and pulling themselves out of the water. They also did more floating practice, which Arin really hated. I should mention that Arin fell into the pool a little over a year ago. We didn't see it happen, just looked up for a second and back down to find her floating face down in the pool. Ever since that has happened, she is very upset about going under the water. Even bath time has been very upsetting to her to have water dumped over her head. However, last night's bath was the easiest we've had in many, many, many months. I know that is because of the swim lessons. Because she fell into the water, I know how important it is for her to learn to swim. I am just looking forward to the day when she does less screaming at class.

Our YMCA has a children's waterpark area, so after swim lessons, I let the girls play around in there for a little while. That was a hit for both of them.

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