Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teacher's Pet

We went back to swim lessons today (had to miss yesterday's class because we were out of state). Arin was excited to be there. She sat on the steps and she had a big smile. She did great, until it was her turn to be in the water. Then she cried and screamed a lot. They let her go under the water today and also had her turn over on her back in the water. She did not like either of those exercises. However, she loved counting for the teacher so that the teacher could dunk other kids under the water. She "kept an eye on" the teacher's kickboard. Arin also loved being in the pool on the teacher's back. So as long as she thought she was helping the teacher, she was all into the lesson, but not so much when it was her turn to learn.

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MommyWise said...

She's braver than Aidan. It is hard at their age.