Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Day of Swim Lessons

Last week, Arin had her last day of swim lessons. It was still scary to her and she still cried most of her time there. However, she can now do the following:
- Release wall, swim/paddle, turn, grab wall with assistance
- Front/back float with assistance
- Paddle/kick on front 5 feet
- Paddle/kick on back 5 feet with assistance

Despite her fear of swim lessons, I know they have helped her. She now lays down and pretends to float in the bath (which makes washing her hair much easier, because she used to cry whenever we put water on her head) and also she went down the waterslide at the Y, went under the water, and was able to get herself up!
Anxiety of Waiting for Class

Showing the distance that Arin swam underwater


Arin with her teacher and the only other kid that was in every class with her.
Receiving her certificate of session completion

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