Sunday, July 5, 2009

Circling and Crossing Out

Arin has been really into circling things and drawing lines through things. We have also been working on a few of her sight words. Tonight, I wrote several of the words she knows on a dry erase board. Then, I'd ask her to find a certain word. If I was asking her to find a name, then I'd have her put a circle around it. If I was asking her to find a different word, I would have her cross it out. She did like this game a lot, although next time I will have to put less words on the board at one time.


MommyWise said...

I admit I haven't done many word games lately.. but aren't they great?... no work for you, they love them, it keeps them busy, and they learn!

Fairion said...

that is a neat idea for a game. I am sure my preschooler will love. Thanks for the idea.