Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday!

We started today by going to our Chick-Fil-A. They had a promotion this morning - giving away a free cinnamon cluster to each customer. I thought we'd see some kids there and that would allow Arin some playtime. However, there were no kids there this morning. The only advertisment I saw for this promotion was on their website, so that could be why there weren't very many people there. Because there were no other kids there, I allowed Ella to play in the playplace with Arin. It was the first time that she has been in there. She seemed to enjoy herself and Arin loved having Ella in there to play.

After we had breakfast - chicken minis and cinnamon clusters - the breakfast of champions (not!) - we went to the library for storytime. The book for today was The Deep Blue Sea.

This just so happens to be one of Arin's favorite books. We just returned it to the library a week or two ago. She was so excited to see that it was today's book. So excited, that she was telling the story ahead of time :) The librarian asked what the kids thought would happen next and Arin was right there to tell it - nothing like a suspense spoiler :)
After the story, the kids decorated fish. Arin loved this and called it "school at the library". This project was quite a hit with all of the kids.

Arin loves stories so much that she asked the librarian, Courtney, to read her another story. Courtney was super nice and accepted Arin's request. Arin had a private storytime, which she was super excited about. We love our librarian - she rocks! We liked our librarians at our old library, but Courtney is even more awesome and always goes out of her way to help us out! We hope that she never leaves!

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