Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painting on Canvas

Arin found a piece of canvas in our art supplies and she wanted to paint on it. First, I gave her tape and allowed her to place it wherever she wanted to on the canvas.

Once that was done, I asked her what color she wanted to paint with (blue, red or yellow). She picked blue. I told her to paint the entire canvas. Once she was done with that, I peeled the tape off of the canvas. We admired the design (which coincidentally looked like the word "HI").

We allowed the paint to dry and then I gave Arin the tape again, which she again randomly placed on the canvas. This time she picked the yellow paint. She painted the entire canvas again. We were able to talk about color mixing, blue + yellow = green. Once Arin was finished with the yellow paint, I peeled the tape and again allowed the paint to dry.

This morning, Arin, again placed tape on the canvas. This time, she painted with red paint. We talked about color mixing again: red + yellow = orange and red + blue = purple. Arin thought this was really cool. Once she was finished painting the canvas, I again peeled the tape. We are letting the paint dry now and will hang her picture in her room later.


The girl who painted trees said...

I love this. My LO and I are in the process of doing it. When I post it, I will link to your post. My blog is

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

fun stuff we do this too!