Friday, September 18, 2009

Story Friday

We went to the library this morning for storytime. Typically, there are about 6-8 kids at storytime on Fridays. However, today, the three and four year olds from the YMCA daycare were at the library for storytime (about 50 kids). At first, Arin was intimidated by so many people, but she quickly became comfortable and wanted to be friends with everyone. She also wanted to go back to school with them when they had to leave and she was very upset that she couldn't join them.

Storytime was a lot of fun today. Our librarian read two dinosaur books and had the kids dance to the Dinosaur Pokey (Hokey Pokey). Then, the kids were able to color dinosaurs, which later had a magnet affixed to them, so they could bring them home and hang them on their refrigerators.
Playing Before Story Time

Singing, "If You're Happy & You Know It"

Loving Story Time

Dancing the Dino Pokey

Coloring Dinosaur Magnets

Ella Jane Hiding and Having Fun

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