Thursday, January 7, 2010


There is a stray dog that hangs around Andy's work. She's a very good dog, so Andy let her stay. Unfortunately, she got pregnant and ended up with seven puppies! It is freezing outside right now, so Andy brought momma and babies home and made them a nice warm home here. The puppies are little right now - about two weeks old. They have started to open their eyes in the past couple of days. In the next few weeks (4 or 6??) they will be ready to find new homes. If you are reading this and you know us in real life and you want a puppy or several puppies, please let me know!


MommyWise said...

Puppies everywhere! Do you want one more? We just rescued a pure 7 wk German Shepherd puppy.

Peterson Party said...

Wow, you are funny! I am trying to get rid of the ones we have now. Arin is loving all of the puppies, but I am not an animal person, so I am counting down the days until they can be re-homed!