Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fun-Filled (Free) Day!

Today was a big day.  It was Arin's 5th birthday, plus the start of my third trimester, plus Andrew's day off.  Any of those things on their own would be awesome, but all three together seemed like a reason to celebrate!  We had a birthday party for Arin a couple of weeks ago, but still wanted to do something fun for her today.

No school for the girls today.  Instead, we headed to the free summer kids' movie this morning.  We saw Yogi Bear.  This was the first time that any of us had seen this movie.  Arin loved it!  She was cracking up throughout the movie.  It was so cute to hear her giggling so much!

After lunch, we needed to stop by the bank, so we asked for the free lollipops for the kids and we let them eat them in the car, with the windows rolled down.  Yup, we're super fun parents like that.  Hahaha!

Next, Arin went with her daddy and her Uncle Todd to dig at his house.  Todd is getting a pool, but before that can happen, they have to get this massive stump out of his backyard.  It's a lot of work and may not seem like a fun project to the average person, but Arin loves being included in this activity.  Ella and I stayed home and napped :)

Before dinner, we took Arin to Toys-R-Us, where she got a paper birthday crown to wear and a balloon.  Plus, they announced her birthday over the store's intercom system.  Yes, Arin felt super special!

Next, we headed to Chick-Fil-A.  Arin had been invited to a special birthday celebration where she was given a free kid's meal, a special present, a cow stuffed animal toy, a balloon, a craft, her face painted, a cupcake and ice cream!  Wow! 

Chick-Fil-A included Ella in the special dessert :)
After dinner, we had planned to take the kids to the park, but the rainy weather prevented that, so we took them to the mall's play area.

Finally, we took the girls to the pet store to look at the animals.  They love this!

It was a super fun day!

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Karen said...

Looks like a great Birthday!!!
Miss you all!! Tell her Happy Birthday from Emilie & Alex!