Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Homeschool Blog

Next week is a big week around our house.  Arin will be turning five and we'll also begin our new homeschool year.  With the start of a new homeschooling year, I have decided to start a new blog, so that we can keep our learning activities separate from our family activities.  I will continue to post on this blog, but it'll be all family life stuff.  Our new blog to document our learning activities is called Sandbox Scholars.  By the way, it was REALLY hard to come up with a new name.  Everything I thought of was already taken (you can see how creative I am!).  This was the first name Andrew came up with.  It happened to be available, and I think it's a cute name, so that's what we're going with :)


Gidget Girl Reading said...

like the name off to go follow her big adventure!

Traci said...

Hi:) Thanks so much for checkin' in on me. Life's been a little crazy lately. Haven't been on my blog or any others lately. Kinda takin' a break from blogging.

I'm so happy to peak in on you guys. Your pics of the girls are so precious, I think they're adorable. It looks like the birthday party must be at your new place...looks great! And I'm glad I did check in so I could see that you've started a new blog. I'll be checking in on it too because I've really enjoyed your teaching posts.

I'm happy to see that you all are doing well...and your "tummy shot" was beautiful. You'll have to get your lovely face in there too so we can see that too:)

Be blessed friend. I'll be checking in again soon!

Many blessings to your home and family.

Sombra said...

Such a sweet family, I'll have to follow you to your new blog too