Sunday, July 24, 2011

Princess Academy

Friday afternoon, I took the girls to Princess Academy, which was a free event celebrating the kick-off of Disney's Dare to Dream Tour.  The girls were so excited!  They loved being able to wear their party dresses - that was until we got there and several of the other little girls were wearing dress-up clothes, so Arin immediately wondered why she wasn't also wearing dress-up clothes, especially her dress-up shoes.  After a little heart-to-heart, she was happy again about wearing her party dress and regular shoes!

Even though they don't look like it, they were super stoked to be here!
The city's mayor came to kick-off the event and each of the girls took an oath for stuff like, using their best manners, protecting the kingdom, etc.  Then the real fun began!

There were seven stations set up with activities.  The girls were to complete each activity to get a sticker on their report card.  Once their report card was completed, they went through Princess Academy graduation, where they received a diploma and became a real princess.  Oh yes, my girls were super excited about this!

The girls decorated tiaras.

They constructed castles.

We took a carriage ride and the girls practiced their royal wave.  This was also my first time on a carriage ride and my favorite activity of the day!  Arin said her favorite activity of the day was when I let her dance in the rain! (It's the simple things...)

The girls learned a few dance steps.  I didn't get a real good picture of them dancing, but here they are with their dance instructors.

They learned how to curtsey. 

Ella thought it was  more fun to eat her dress than to curtsey!

The girls went through cake designing class.  Each were given a cupcake and then let loose to decorate it with every kind of junk food imaginable: sugary cereals, M&M's, gummy bears, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, jelly beans, animal crackers, lollipops, and I'm sure I am forgetting some things.  We don't eat gummy bears or marshmallows, so I gave Arin a quick reminder about that, which she was completely ok with, especially since there was SOOO much other stuff to choose from.  And to wash down all the sugar, the girls had a pink lemonade drink.  Yes, they were on top of the world.  Funny thing was they both had a bowl full of sugar and they both chose to eat their lollipops first!

The last activity they did was Princess Glamour.  I didn't have my camera with me at this point, so no more pictures.  The princess glamour consisted of the girls having glitter sprayed in their hair and sparkles applied to their faces and lips.  Next, was graduation and diplomas.  We had a super fun afternoon!

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Traci said...

Oh, I just love this...Princess Academy! I wish we had that here, my grand daughter would looooove that.

Your girls look absolutely adorable!..Love the pics, so sweet:)

Blessings, Traci