Saturday, December 31, 2011

29 Days for Daddy: #1

Andrew's 29th birthday is at the end of January and Arin wanted to do something very special for her daddy.  Arin is a planner and she especially likes to surprise people with a drawing or a letter left in a mailbox, a special gift, or some other gesture to know that you are loved by her.  One morning, early in December, her and I were talking about her daddy and we came up with the idea of "29 Days for Daddy".  Starting 29 days prior to Andrew's birthday, the girls would give their daddy a gift or plan an activity to do with him.

Each day, I wrap a gift (either the gift itself or something telling what the activity will be).  Then, the girls take turns drawing a picture on wrapping paper.  Attached to each gift is a tag with a clue about the gift and on the back of the tag, the girls tell their daddy what they love about him.

Day 1: "The Gift of Food"
On the back of the gift tag, it read "I love my daddy because he is pretty" ~ Ella
We took Andrew to nice steakhouse.  It is one of his favorites, but we haven't been to it in a long time (it is expensive), like years, like since before Arin was born.  It was a fun surprise and a great way to start this project.  The girls really loved this because they were able to dress up, something they always look forward to.

Drawing by Arin

Inside the box was a piece of paper with the restaurant's logo on it.

Andrew and his princesses

Arin working on her photography while waiting to be seated.
I know, you would have thought I would have taken a picture of his meal, or something to show we actually went to the steakhouse, but that did not happen.  Maybe next time.

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Michelle said...

Oh, Cara, this is a wonderful idea! So fun! I can tell that Andrew and the girls are enjoying each gift and activity. So special!