Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why I Love Florida...

Reason #847: Swimming in December!

This is how the kiddos spent the majority of today ~ swimming at their uncle and aunt's pool.  This makes me especially happy because I do not like cold weather.  It is incredibly mild for this time of year.  The weather is beautiful and actually enjoyable to be out in, unlike the miserably hot summer days.

While the kids were enjoying the swimming pool, the guys were all breaking a sweat, building a deck for their brother's new pool.  We will all be so thankful for their hard work come this summer when we are spending more time in and around the pool.

And while the older kids enjoyed the pool, and the guys worked hard, and Grandma spent the day in the kitchen, Kaelyn enjoyed a day of being held almost non-stop.  She loves to be held, so I know this was a real treat for her. 

Kaelyn (8wks) with Aunt Jessica


Michelle said...

SO fun, Cara! If I was the jealous type, I'd be so jealous, LOL. But, I'm so happy for you. :-)

Tara said...

Wow, so what are the temps running down there during the day right now, Cara?