Wednesday, April 18, 2012

F is for Flower

We homeschool year round.  Arin has finished her kindergarten year and I have ordered her first grade materials, which she will be starting at the beginning of May.  When I ordered her books for next year, I also ordered a few things for Ella's preschool year.  Ella loves school and asks for it daily.  For this reason, we started her new materials this week, even though Arin is taking a short break.  Ella is loving all the one-on-one time and that all the school time is focused on her :)
She started her Get Ready for the Code primer A.

This book starts with the letter F.  We chose flowers as our theme this week.
Over a four day time period, Ella completed all of her "f" work in her workbook.  She would have loved to do it all in one day, but I have to pace her or she'd be done with the book in a week!

In addition to the above workbook, Ella did the following letter F and flower themed work.

Day One:
Ella worked on flower puzzles.  This is Arin's puzzle and it was Ella's first time using it.
She got frustrated that the pieces kept moving, so she asked to use her (much easier) flower puzzle.  This puzzle has grooves to keep the puzzle pieces in place and Ella liked that much better.
Day two:
Ella really loves worksheets, so we worked together on a few more of these.  She located all the Ff on the sheet and then wrote the letters.
She also matched upper and lower-case letters with this worksheet.
Together, we colored a color-by-shape flower themed worksheet.

I colored the picture on the left and Ella colored the picture on the right :)
Day three:
We took a field trip to our local, public gardens so that we could look at a variety of flowers.  We talked about the differences and similarities of the flowers, their colors, shapes, sizes and whether or not they were fragrant.

We also started the classic science experiment, showing how water moves through the flower's stem.  We did this by picking white flowers (we have gardenias growing in our yard) and putting them in water dyed with food coloring.  We left the flowers overnight, and by the next morning, they were no longer white.  Instead, we had a blue flower, a pink one, and a very pale purple flower.

Day four:
Ella worked on a sequencing activities, which also gave her cutting and gluing practice.

She worked on a few more flower themed worksheets.

And finally, we incorporated a little math into the mix.  I printed six flowers and wrote numbers 1-6 in the middle of them.  Then, I gave Ella plastic linking flowers and a dice.  She rolled the dice, counted the dots, linked together the correct number of flowers and placed the chain under the correctly numbered flower.  Later, Ella and Arin played this together, each with their own set of numbered flowers and linking flowers.  The first person to complete all six chains was the winner.


The How- To Guru said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! You are a GREAT Mom! Keep up the amazing work kiddos!

miss y'all

Traci said...

Beautiful pics, way to document!! Really great job!!! Baby is getting so big, so adorable:) I love your homeschool posts.

Melissa said...

Love this post! Your girls are adorable. I can't wait to see what homeschool materials you decided on for Arin. I'm going to start O's 1st grade year in June. Are you going to do Early Language Lessons with Ella, and are you doing the next book in the series with Arin? O likes it, but we haven't done any lessons in a long time...since Elliott's diagnosis...all homeschool stuff ground to a temporary halt :) ttys