Friday, April 13, 2012

Making Memories

We just finished celebrating the biblical feasts, Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread.  In addition to teaching the girls why we observe these days, we also pull out some of our favorite unleavened recipes to make during the week.  Arin and Ella look forward to eating the store bought matzas, but Andrew has never liked them, so I always make the honey oatmeal unleavened bread that he grew up on.  I always look forward to Cherry Cheese Tarts or my all time favorite dessert, Marble-ous Peanut Butter Dessert, which I really should blog the recipe sometime.

A few years ago, Andrew and I decided to also make this week, a special family time, making many memories together.  In 2010, we took a road trip.  That year was so much fun, but not something we have been able to do again yet.  In 2011, we stayed local and did fun activities like strawberry picking, picnics, painting pottery, and going to the zoo.

This year, we once again stayed local.

We celebrated Passover at Andrew's parents' house.  Five of his six siblings plus a portion of their families were present, including his sister and niece that traveled down from Illinios.  It was great being together and our girls especially loved all the time with their cousins.

On the first Day of Unleavened Bread, we spent the day with Andrew's family.  We also spent time swimming.
On the second day, we took the girls on their surprise trip to Weeki Wachee State Park.  My uncle and his girlfriend also met us there for the day.  On the ride over, it started raining, but by the time we arrived, there was nothing but blue skies and beautiful weather for the day.

We watched the mermaid shows,
took a boat ride down the spring fed river,
and we saw a couple of bald eagles.
We also ate a picnic lunch and Andy hand-fed this peacock.
After our picnic, we took the girls to swim in the springs and play in the sand before heading home.
Kaelyn's 1st experience with sand

The third day was very low-key.  We went to lunch with Andrew's brother and his wife and afterwards, the girls went swimming.  I didn't even take any pictures this day, but we did still have fun being together all day.

The fourth day, we invited three of the girls' cousins over for a playdate.  First, there was a movie and popcorn.

Followed by outside time, running through the sprinklers.
On the fifth day, we met my mom, uncle & his girlfriend at Colt Creek State Park.  We hiked a bit and had a picnic lunch together.  We saw lots of wildlife, including an owl and several alligators.

On the sixth day, we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese.
On the seventh and final day of the Days of Unleavened Bread, we went to my brother and Andrew's sister's house along with some of the rest of the family.  We visited, ate, visited, swam, visited, rested and visited some more and then Arin cried when it was time to leave her cousins.

We had a really great week, which went by way too quickly.  On a side note, Kaelyn's first two bottom teeth broke through during this week also :)


The Pendrak's said...

looks like it was a wonderful, blessed week of celebrating and family time!!
And yes...recipe please :)

Traci said...

Absolutely adorable pictures! Great recording of memories!!