Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Surprise for Arin

Andy came home from work tonight and told Arin that he had a surprise for her. He went outside and came back inside holding a small turtle. Arin was excited to see the turtle. We put it in a plastic shoebox and gave it some lettuce. Arin watched it for a long time, though she didn't want to touch it at first. She kept telling me, "I love that turtle!" She'd play for a little while and then keep going back to check on the turtle. Andy and Arin, together, named the turtle Harvey. Arin told me that it was a boy turtle. After keeping the turtle for three or so hours, we took him to the backyard and set him free. I was surprised that Arin had no problems doing this. Before she let it go, she finally got brave enough to hold Harvey. She was very concerned that he might bite her, but once she found out that it was pretty much the same as holding a rock, she was ok with it all.


Melissa said...

Fun! We found (and briefly caught) a baby soft shell turtle in the lake last week, and we were so excited :)

Christy said...

What a great experience!