Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting by Two's

A few weeks ago, I took the girls with me to a doctor appointment.  While trying to keep them quietly entertained, I taught Arin about counting by two's.  She quickly memorized 2-10, but often likes to count by one's after that.  We are adding a new number in here and there.  Today, she practiced her numbers 2-14 and did a great job.

Andy wants her to practice counting by five's also, but I am hoping to get her counting by two's up to twenty before introducing the five's.  She did count by one's to 100 a few nights ago with only a little help from daddy.  She needed help with each ten's number change (thirty, forty, fifty, etc.).

1 comment:

Gidget Girl Reading said...

she is doing great! and i agree with you have her know her 2's first, 5's then 10's maybe?

she is such a math whiz!