Thursday, September 16, 2010

F is for Frogs

Arin wanted to learn about frogs for Ff week, so we made a lapbook.  To make this lapbook, I taped three pieces of cardstock together. The materials for the lapbook came from a few different places (mostly from here and here).  Activities included in the lapbook were a frog dot-to-dot, frog mini book, life cycle of the frog cards, frog questions, frog that eats bugs, -og words, Five Little Tadpoles song which had clipart frogs and tadpoles (I velcroed these to the folder so that Arin could use them while we were singing the song.  She loved this song), a frog craft, sight words (used the front part of this book and wrote Arin's sight words on the inside pages), and a frog maze.

In addition to the lapbook, the girls also did the following activities:

Both of the girls also made frog lacing cards, which can be found here.

Arin started learning how to count by 5's by using these cards.  I put the same numbers on clothes pins.  Arin matched them to the cards.  Then we practiced saying the numbers in order.

We put these frog life cycle cards in the lapbook.  They came from here.

Ella played a color matching frog game, which was found here.  This was a bit advanced for her, but too easy for Arin.

I made a frog color matching game for Ella which she liked much better.  I simply cut lilly pad shapes out of different colors of cardstock.  Ella then matched our plastic frogs to each lilly pad.

Arin and I played a game called Splat the Frog (found here).  She loved this game.  It kept her giggling the whole time we played!  We divided the cards between us, then each flipped a card over at the same time (like you would if you were playing War).  We kept flipping cards over until a frog was turned face-up.  The first person to slap the frog card got to keep all the cards.  The person with all of the cards at the end of the game was the winner.

We also read several frog books (mostly fiction).


Michelle said...

Lots of fantastic frog fun! I especially love how you are adapting your school to both ages and abilities. =)

I grabbed the link to the life cycle sequencing cards ~ that will come in handy as we finish our week. We covered pond life with an emphasis on frogs, so perfect timing! Thanks!

CandleIce1438 said...

awesome..glad i was not there for FROG week lol.. but those were cute ideas. i like the one with ella putting the frogs on the lily pads. and isnt it 'slap jack' you are thinking of.. lol