Thursday, September 2, 2010

Other Activities We Did During Dd Week

The girls and I played with dominoes.  Then, Arin played this Domino Parking Lot game.  She had to count the spots on the dominoes and then "park" them in the correctly numbered spot.

We also used dice in our learning this week.  Arin used the lettered dice from our Boggle game to spell out some of her sight words. 

I love this picture!  Arin was quietly doing her schoolwork, when Ella decided to check out what she was doing.  She came over and laid down beside her sister and put her arm around her.  I love their close relationship :)
We played a dice probability game.  If a dice is rolled x amount of times, which number will show up most often?  Before Arin started rolling the dice, she made her prediction.  She guessed the number one would show up the most.  It was actually the six, but the one was the second most rolled number.

We played a dice sums game.  I had made a game board using all of the sums that can be rolled using two dice (1+1 through 6+6).  Then, Arin would roll two dice, add them together, find that number on the chart, and "dot" it.  Once the board was filled, the game was over.  Some numbers were harder to get, since there was only one possible roll that would make that number (ex: 5+6=11).  We all took turns rolling the dice and Ella even used the Dot markers to mark out the answers (with Arin's help, of course!).

Arin did a Dd letter hunt. 

For fun, the girls made pictures using their Do-A-Dot markers.

Daddy had to help Uncle Todd with some digging in his yard, so the girls had a great time playing and getting dirty in the dirt!

Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion's Den.  The girls colored a picture of Daniel in the Lion's Den as I read the story to them both from the bible and from their bible story books. 


Melissa said...

Great activities! And your girls are SO cute! I love the picture of Ella's dirty face :)

The Pendrak's said...

Ella looks SO happy in the dirt :)