Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lion, Eat Me?

My friend's mom recently acquired a very large marble lion statue.  We had told Arin about the statue a couple of weeks ago and she was anxious to see it.  We were finally able to go to their house for a visit.  Like I said, Arin was very anxious to see this lion, so she kept insisting that we go to it. As I was putting Ella's shoes on her, she kept saying, "Lion, eat me???"  Poor thing had anxiety about the lion before she even saw it!

Arin was thrilled to see (and climb on) the lion.  Ella wanted nothing to do with it and stood a far distance from it.  You can see why, it is massive!  Ella is just a tad shorter than Tyson.

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welcome to our wonderland said...

my girls would LOVE to have Aslan in their front yard!!! how cool is that statue