Friday, December 24, 2010

Photo Bloopers

We just arrived home from spending close to a week with my parents.  Whenever we go home, we like to get together with my friend, Lynn and her family.  We always try to get pictures of our kids together, which usually doesn't work out so great.  This time, we were taking pictures about seven o'clock at night, on a day that the girls had not napped, due to being out of our normal routine.   Do these make for nice display pictures?  No.  Do they make for a good laugh?  I think so!

We weren't just snapping natural pictures, we were actually trying to get the kids to all look at us and to smile.  I have a new found appreciation for children photographers!   This is the best picture I got of the kids together.  Yeah, it's not that great either.


Phyllis said...

Merry Christmas!

jasnjoj said...

Ah, the best laid plans...

These are PRECIOUS, Cara - even if they are not exactly what you were looking for!


Anonymous said...

Ha-ha sooo funny... one day we will get a fantastic picture of them and when we do i will frame it!