Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arin Brings Home a Four Leaf Clover

Arin Brings Home a Four Leaf Clover for Her Mom
By: Arin Peterson

One day, Daddy, Arin and Ella went out for a walk.  Then they found a bunch of four leaf clovers and they put them in their hands to bring home for Mommy.  Daddy wanted to take the long way home, but Arin said, "No, we want to go the short way."  Then Ella Jane got so tired and she wanted a snack and a drink, but there was none for her.  They were walking home from the lake and when they wanted to get home, they had to go around it.  Once they got all the way around it, they were done with their walk and they drove home in their car.

Once they got home, Ella said, "Close eyes, Mommy" and then "Surprise!" and they showed the clovers to their Mommy.  Mommy said, "They are so beautiful!"

Then Mommy, Daddy, Arin, and Ella went outside to play and climb some trees until a storm started.  They stayed home and then they read some books and played with their mother and daddy.  After that, the storn was gone and they went back outside to play.  Then they lived happily ever after.  The end!


The Pendrak's said...

great story Arin! (and sounds like a fun day!!)

lusi said...

Well done Arin! I loved your story!
Love Lusi x