Monday, January 24, 2011

Police Station Field Trip

Last week, we took a field trip to the police station.  We all really enjoyed it, though the girls took a LONG time warming up to the officer showing us around.  By the way, that officer just so happens to be their uncle (Andrew's oldest brother).

Waiting for the tour to begin.

Junior Deputies

Grumpy Girl (this is how they both were the first half of the time we were there).

Showing off their new backpacks.

Ella LOVES stuffed animals.  As soon as she saw this one sitting on the table, she ran to it and gave it a big hug!

Checking the Evidence

The girls and Andy were locked in a holding cell.

Will Uncle Mike let them out?

This is the room that you enter into before going to the holding cell.  They take your picture and use their metal detectors to make sure you don't have any weapons on you.

The girls checked out a police truck.  This is the one they take around to community events.

Uniform Storage Room.

Uncle Mike gave the girls both bike helmets. (Thank you!)

Both girls were offered a ride on the police segway, but both were scared of it, so Andy took a ride instead.

Checking out the workout room.

All of the people were so friendly to us.  Everytime we stopped by someone's desk, they were handing out candy and stickers to the girls.

Once we saw Aunt Nikki, the girls really warmed up and started enjoying themselves.  We should have brought them by her desk when we first arrived.

The girls in the training room.

Mike showing us some of the police equipment.

Checking out a police car.

Trying on protective gear.

Let me out of here!

Getting finger printed.

Thank you Uncle Mike for a great field trip!

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lusi said...

What a super fun time you all had! I especially loved that the girls got to do the finger printing - I think my kids would have LOVED that too!
Lus x