Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arin and The Bully

Do you ever have one of those times that your child is upset, really upset, world crushed, feelings hurt kind of upset, and while you are trying to console them, you are also trying hard to hide your laughter, which is caused by the exact thing that is sure to ruin their precious little world (for the moment)?  Yeah, we had that happen a couple of nights ago and since I do not keep scrapbooks or baby books or any other type of documentation, I wanted to write it down here to remember it, because it just really hit me the right way.

It happened a couple of nights ago.  We were at a large, outside event that our community sponsors once a year.  It was dark and we were sitting on the grass waiting for the fireworks to begin.  The kids were running around, throwing glo sticks and playing with one another.  The girls had already been playing with several of the kids for an hour or so.  I looked over and saw Arin talking to an older boy.  I'd guess him to be about seven.  I didn't think anything of it and I turned back to talk to Andrew.  My sister-in-law, Sarah, got my attention and asked what was going on with Arin and the boy.  The boy had gotten down on both of his knees in front of Arin (making him more at her eye level), who was twirling her glo sticks as she talked to him.  I didn't really see anything too unusual, but suddenly Arin turned from the boy and quickly started walking towards me.  I could tell she was upset and was fighting back tears.  She got to me and I grabbed her up and hugged her and held her in my lap.  I started questioning her as to what had happened.  She did not want to tell me.  I kept pressing on, starting to get a little worried about what had happened.  She burst into tears and a full out cry.  Again, I asked, and again, she did not want to tell me what had happened between this boy and her.  I knew it must have been something bad.  Was he teasing her?  What had he said?  Well, finally, in between sobs, I got it out of her.  According to Arin, it went something like this:

That boy over there, that really big boy (sob, sob) was asking me things like what is 2+2 and what is 10+10 (full cry) and then he asked me a really hard one (sob, cry, sob) with really big numbers that I don't even remember.  And he isn't even homeschooled!!!

Hahaha, my girl is sensitive about her math, and yes, I asked her if he said anything else about it, and she said no, she was just upset because she didn't know the answer to the really hard one.


Ruth Chowdhury said...

That is hilarious. I have had those moments where I really want to laugh but shouldn't. Poor Arin. Did she go home and work on her math skills some more? I think it is so funny that she said "and he's not even home schooled". Oh man, these kids of ours.

Anonymous said...

That is tooo cute... love it thanks for sharing

Traci said...

Awwww, too sweet. I'm happy it was nothing more than the dreaded math that got to her...darn boys:)