Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yy is for Yellow Yarn

Today, the girls had fun gluing small pieces of yellow yarn to the letters Y and y.

Next, they took pieces of yarn, dipped it in yellow paint, and made pictures.  They did have fun with this, but eventually asked for paintbrushes so they could control the paint better.

Finally, the girls learned how to finger knit.  We used this video.  Originally, I had only planned this project for Arin. She picked it up right away.  While she was busy working on her bracelet, Ella got very interested too.  She took a turn at it.  I wrapped the yarn around her fingers and she would take it off each finger (the right way), but her hands are small and the yarn got too tight, so I ended up making the bracelet for her on my fingers.  I should have bought a thicker yarn for this project. 

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