Sunday, April 10, 2011

L is for Lemons

Arin loves lemonade and has been asking to make some.  We bought a bag of lemons.  Arin (with my help) cut the lemons. 

We needed one cup of lemon juice for the recipe, so I asked her how many lemons she thought it'd take to make one cup of lemon juice.  She guessed two and Ella guessed four.  Arin squeezed two lemons and found that she was about half a cup short.  She juiced the other two lemons. Perfect!

She poured the cup of lemon juice into a juice pitcher.

Then, she added one cup of sugar.

She stirred them together.

Then, it was time to pour in five cups of cold water.

Stir again.

Then add some ice to make it extra cold.

Time for a taste test.

The results??  It was fantastic!

Next, we did a science experiment.  I asked Arin how to clean a dirty penny. 

She said, "Soap and water, of course!".  I gave her a bowl of soapy water and a wash cloth.  She scrubbed and scrubbed.  It never got sparkly clean. 

We squeezed more lemons and put the juice in a bowl.  Arin dropped the copper penny into the bowl of lemon juice.  We set the timer for five minutes. 

What were the results?  A nice, shiny copper penny!  She was amazed!

The reason for this?
"Oxygen in the air combined with the copper to form the dull copper oxide coating. The acid of the lemon acts chemically to remove the oxide - and the result? A bright coppy penny." - from 365 Simple Science Experiments with everyday materials


welcome to our wonderland said...

yummy lemonade I heard it is really good with honey (i'm vegan now so I can't have honey :( but people rave and makes me want to have a sip.)

seeing this post I'm going to have to make some lemonade soon.

didn't arin love to eat lemons when she was younger??

Anonymous said...

Love it I want to make some lemonade now:-) Pics of the girls are so cute.... glad to have more blogs to read...