Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: Week 13

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment.  I was very anxious for this appointment and it felt like it was never going to get here.  Originally, my appointment was scheduled for last week, but the midwives had something going on, so they rescheduled me for yesterday.  The thing I was most anxious about was hearing the heartbeat.  Despite the fact that I have heard the heartbeat four times prior (thanks to my sister's midwife) and despite the fact that I have been getting sick sometimes (if I wait too long to eat or when I brush my teeth), I was still nervous about it.  Finally, at the end of the two-hour long appointment, it was time to hear the baby.  My midwife tried and tried for what seemed like ten minutes, though I am sure it was less than that, to find the heartbeat.  No luck.  She did say that she picked up some kicks.  I am not sure if they were really kicks, or she was just trying to make me feel better???  I had told her that I had already heard the heartbeat, so she changed dopplers and in the first few seconds she was able to pick up a nice, strong, healthy heartbeat in the 150's.  Phew!  It was a few nerve wrecking minutes, but all seems well and the baby sounds healthy.  My next prenatal appointment is in four weeks and in the week or two after that, I will have an ultrasound.  We are very excited to find out if we will be welcoming a little boy or another little girl into our family.


Christy said...

I know that anxiety waiting to hear the heartbeat! I'm glad everything went well.

welcome to our wonderland said...

those are nail biting moments I remember those all too well. glad you were able to hear the heartbeat again.

1 trimester down 1 to go