Monday, March 9, 2009

Unplug Your Kids: Happy

This week's Unplugged theme is HAPPY.

Mommy: Arin, what makes you happy?
Arin: Uncle Todd.
Mommy: Does Aunt Candace make you happy? (Candace was in the car with us)
Arin: No, Uncle Todd
Mommy: Does Mommy make you happy?
Arin: No, Uncle Todd makes me happy.
Mommy: Do balloons make you happy?
Arin: No, Uncle Todd.
Aunt Candace: Does ice cream make you happy?
Arin: No, Uncle Todd.
Mommy: Do slides make you happy?
Arin: No, just Uncle Todd!

I wasn't sure what to do for a 'happy' project, since she only thinks her uncle makes her happy. So we did a project in teamwork with her cousins. We made the letters H-A-P-P-Y out of their bodies.

Some pictures of Arin with her uncle Todd (apparently the only thing that makes her happy).


Melissa said...

What a sweet girl! Great idea to spell out words using the kids :) It looks like they had a lot of fun!

Sherry said...

Great idea!

...and I'm sure Uncle Todd just loves this story. :)

Dayna said...

What a great uncle. I wanna poke my head through the roof!!

The H.A.P.P.Y. letters are great!! Good teamwork!

sunnymama said...

This was a good idea! I like that you have two different 'P's and didn't use the same photo twice. Uncle Todd sounds great.

Meg said...

Thats so cute!

Jennifer said...

It's funny what kids say! Great story though, I can relate.

Crescent Moon said...

The H-A-P-P-Y is so cute! you could use those for Grandparent cards or something, like "HAPPY Easter" maybe.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

very happy.. put the photos in a frame in order... reminder to be happy :)

Yelli said...

Everybody needs an Uncle Todd! What a great project idea! I like the idea of framing the kids in one of those long frames. That would be good memories for later... :)

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Can we borrow Uncle Todd? Cheers! :)

MoziEsmé said...

Those definitley look like happy times with Uncle Todd! I love the body letters, too...

Amber said...

So awesome! I love the life sized letters made out of kids! :)