Friday, March 13, 2009

Uppercase & Lowercase Matching

Seeing this post of O matching upper and lowercase letters reminded me of a game that I have been wanting to make for Arin. I took water bottle lids (I was 10 short, so I will have to finish this game after we drink more water!) I put upper and lowercase letters on the inside of the cap. Then, I set out all of the uppercase letters in order in a line and gave a pile of the lowercase letters to Arin. She matched the upper and lowercase letters together. It was a little confusing since the b, d, p & q looked so similiar and the u and the n also were hard to tell apart. Otherwise, she did very well. She can now recognize all of her letter whether they are upper or lowercase. We also talked about the letter sounds as she was matching them.


MaryAnne said...

Finally, a good use for bottle caps!

Melissa said...

Great idea! We've made memory games using bottle caps and stickers, and it's lots of fun, too :)

Unknown said...

Great idea and I love how it uses something that would otherwise end up in the trash!