Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Fernandina Beach, FL

Our last stop on our road trip, before heading home, was to visit the beach in Florida.  None of us had ever been to Fernandina Beach, and it was close to the border, so we chose to go there.  It was a nice beach and since it was on a Monday, there were very few people there.  The water was freezing cold, but the weather was awesome and we enjoyed our time on the beach.

Unfortunately, the picture quality isn't very good because we had been changing the setting on the camera and forgot to change them back before taking these pictures.

We had such a fun-filled week!


jasnjoj said...

I have now read ALL of your posts from your mega trip! What a fun time - what a great idea! And what great pictures you got of everything!

And your girls look like they did great! Did they get naps everyday - how in the world did you do all of this with a 1 year old and a 3 year old???

Peterson Party said...

Thanks Joli!
Yes, the kids took naps - just not in beds. They slept in the car, stroller, arms, etc. - I have lots of pictures to prove it :) We drove about 1700 miles during that week, so there was lots of car time for naps! Also, they were so worn out from the activites and fresh air that they slept through the night, which was awesome, but unfortunately, Ella hasn't slept through the night since we've been home! Otherwise, the girls kept great attitudes on the trip and it was much needed time away for this mama!!!