Thursday, April 22, 2010

Words that Begin with the Letter....

Today, we took the lettered die from my Scattergories game and made a new activity with it.  We took turns rolling it.  Whenever Arin or I rolled it, we would call out a word that starts with the letter we rolled. 

Ella, loves to be a part of our games too, so whenever it was her turn, we would help her with the sound of the letter that she rolled.  Prior to this game, she had already memorized the sounds of the letters t, p, m, and f.  I don't think that she memorized any new letters by playing the game because she was only interested in rolling the die and it was VERY hard for her to wait her turn!  Notice the tear on her cheek?  That's because she was trying to take the die, even when it wasn't her turn.

I was actually amazed how much Arin loved this game and I was happily surprised at the types of words that she was coming up with.

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jasnjoj said...

You are SO creative, Cara! I did not inherit that gene...but you've got it in spades!

I'm so glad that y'all will be able to make the party now that it has been changed to Tuesday! See y'all there!