Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Toddler Bed for Ella

Ella was never crazy about her crib, and honestly, I never was either.  I had bought it from a friend right before we moved to Georgia, and although I was never completely sure, I think it could have been on the recall list (we always kept the drop side toward the wall).  When we moved back to Florida, we decided to throw the crib out and move Ella to Arin's bed.  Ha!  That of course, didn't work!  So, Ella spent the first month in our new home sleeping in a Pack-N-Play.  She didn't like it at first, but eventually decided it wasn't too terrible.  About a week ago, we went to visit my parents and we picked up Arin's old toddler bed, which is now Ella's new bed! 

When we first showed her the bed she was excited.  Wow, a bed that she can climb in and out of!  This was great news to her, but she refused to sleep in it.  The first day at naptime, she wanted nothing to do with this new bed.  The next day, she spent about two hours climbing in and out of it at naptime.  Everytime I walked by her room, I saw her out of bed getting a babydoll or climbing back in bed with a babydoll.  It was a long naptime that day!  Since then, she seems to be adjusting well to the bed.  Of course, I am still getting used to the new bed - last night, about a half hour after tucking the girls in, I heard the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the stairs and next thing I see was a little baby with a big smile on her face.  She was quite proud that she climbed out of bed!

The toddler bed was given to me by a friend.  I am not normally a big fan of antiques, but I do like this bed.  I especially like it because there is a low railing around the whole bed, so I don't have to worry about my wiggle worm making her way to the end of the bed and falling out in the night.  I also think the woodwork is pretty and unique.

On a side note, we are finally back up and running on the internet!  Since we've moved here, I have been using tether to connect to the internet, but because my phone had poor signal, the internet was also a poor connection and more frustrating than not to try to use.  Finally, we got a rental contract on our house in GA, which means we can now splurge on the things that make life easier and more enjoyable (like the internet!).  Next week, I will be back to more regular blog posts.

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jasnjoj said...

Oh, Cara - that bed is beautiful!

And I'm so glad that you're up and running again - I've missed hearing what's going on with your family. And, YAY, I'm glad your house has rented out!