Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water Babies

We've lived in an apartment for three weeks now and one of our favorite things about living here is the daily use of the pools (when it's not raining, which it's done everyday for the past week).  When we first moved here, both girls wanted to be in the type of floats that they sit in and they did not want to be splashed.  Then, they gradually moved to water wings and Arin to the type of bathing suit with the floatation sewn into it.  Now, Ella still uses the water wings, but Arin has once again moved on.  She still does not love to get her face wet, but she does swim (doggy paddle) without the use of any floats.  Lots of progress in a short amount of time!    


Jenna said...

That's great, I love swimming!

MommyWise said...

How impressive! Aidan still needs the float suit and wants the rings!