Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four Year Old Interview

I asked Arin these questions when she was three and thought it would be fun to try it again this year.

I feel happy when...I have birthday cake.

I feel sad when...there's no cake.

I like outside so much.

My daddy is...happy.

My mama is...happy.

I love with my new dollhouse with Uncle Todd.

My favorite color

I like to

I like to play...with my new dollhouse.

My favorite toy tea set.

It makes me happy when...I play with sidewalk chalk.

It makes me sad when...I lose things.

The best thing I do is...playing with my Uncle Todd.

I'm excited about...going to the park.

I like to Chuck E. Cheese's

I don't like to...color the wrong things.

What are your favorite things to do? My birthday party, play with my tea set with Uncle Todd, and fishing.

What was the best thing about your birthday party? Opening my presents.

What's your favorite song?  I Love Candy (which is a song that she made up and it goes something like this: "I love candy because it's so sweet...")

What's your favorite school activity?  Singing, dancing and having so much fun painting.

What's your favorite art activity?  Painting.

What's the best part about being four years old?    I love my birthday.

Do you love taking naps?  No!

What do you like to do with your sister?  Play tea set, color and swim.

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Anonymous said...

soo cute - her answers sure did change in one year huh!? I want to do this with tyson when he turns 3.