Monday, October 4, 2010

Feast Hopping

We recently returned home from celebrating the eight day biblical Feast known as the Feast of Tabernacles (or Sukkot).  We were gone a total of eleven days and as always, we had a fantastic time.  Andrew and I have both celebrated the Feast days our whole lives.  We travel each year to the Feast of Tabernacles - sometimes to different states, sometimes just to different cities within the state we live in.  We've been to sites with over 10,000 people and we've gone away some years with just our family.  Each year it is a little different, but each year it is so special and the time of the year that we look most forward to.  Typically, we pick a place to go and stay there the entire eight days.  This year, we did something that neither of us had done before - we went Feast Hopping - meaning that we started at one place and then went on to another site and then another.  Although I am not sure that we'll make a habit of going from place to place every year, it sure was fun this year.

We started in Ormond Beach, FL with Andrew's family.  We stayed two nights with them before my parents joined us in Ormond Beach.  Then, we switched locations and stayed with them for six nights.  Next, we headed north to southern GA.  My sister and her family were there along with several of our friends.  We stayed in GA for two nights and then made our way back home, stopping in Lake City, FL at another Feast site.  We met some new people and saw some "old" friends - some that we hadn't seen in about 15+ years!

I will be posting some pictures from our time away over the next few days. 

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michelle said...

Cara, I had no idea that you grew up keeping the Feasts! Sounds like you had a wonderful time ~ looking forward to some pictures. *Ü*