Monday, October 18, 2010

H is for Handprints

Today we started Hh week.  When Arin was little, I made her a handprint colors books and I have been wanting to do the same for Ella, so we worked on that today.  You can see Arin's book here.  I already have to redo some of Ella's handprints, because the red one looks like she has six fingers! We will also be adding more colors when she is a little more cooperative.

I also had Arin make handprints which we turned into a "counting by fives" sequence game.  Surprisingly, she liked this more than I thought she would.  Once, she had all the numbers in order (with a little assistance), I had her practice saying the numbers as she was looking at them.  She can count to 100, but she does not recognize all of the numbers,  so when she got stuck, she was able to count the fingers and know the next number (for instance, if she got stuck on 25, she could count the fingers on the next hand and know the next number was 30).  We only sequenced up to 60, because we will soon be working more in depth with telling time.

After she was done with that, Ella wanted to play a game as well, so I gave her the handprint pages that we  had completed and I gave her Arin's handprints.  She matched the handprints to the color pages.

And if you get tired of using your hands to play this game, you can go the less tradional route and use your feet!

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Michelle said...

What a "handful" of great ideas! {sorry I couldn't resist}. I love the idea of counting by fives with handprints ~ wonderful! I love all the other activities to go a long with them too ~ what fun! and a great keepsake too. *Ü*