Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old Friends and New Friends

While we were gone last week, we had the opportunity to see several of our friends.  On our way home, we stopped in Lake City, where we were able to meet a blogger friend.  I have been reading her blog, Pebble Crossing, for several months and now I have met her and her sister, Claudia, and their families!
I had hoped to meet another bloggy friend, from Hearts in Training, but unfortunately, timing wasn't right to meet up, but hopefully next time!

When we were in GA, we were able to meet up for a few hours with our old homeschool group.  This group was so special to me when we lived there and it was so nice to see everyone again.
Andrew also had the opportunity to go by his old work and see his previous co-worker. 
While we were in GA, we also met with some other people who were also celebrating the Feast.  At the beginning of the week, they had about 80 people in attendence, but by the time we arrived, there were probably only 50 or so people.  My sister and her family had been there all week and they had a great time.  This was their third time attending the Feast (Sukkot)with this group.  Andrew and I had not gone to the Feast with this group previously, but we used to go to church with them sometimes when we lived in GA, so it was a lot of fun for us to see our friends again.  I also love that there are so many kids in this group, so there was someone for everyone.  Arin's best friend (outside of family) is Abby, so Arin was thrilled to see her again and spend a couple of days with her.
On Friday, they had Family Fun Day which included relay races for the little kids (we missed this), other games for all ages, but mostly geared towards the bigger kids/adults, and a volley ball tournament.

This was a one-minute challenge.  You were to move the Oreo from your forehead, down your face and into your mouth without using any object to help (hands, etc.).  It was harder than it looked - I only saw one person successfully complete it in the allotted time.  It was a great laugh for everyone.
We were there the last couple of days of the Feast.  The first night that we were there (Thursday), they had a talent show and the second night they did praise and worship to start the Sabbath.  They have a live band, which I always love and the girls loved being able to run around and dance with their friends.  We had a really great time!

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